1. Meet

This initial meeting usually takes place at the site of your project location or at our office and is completely complimentary. Here we get to meet each other and learn a little bit about you, your site, and your ideas. We have a General Home Questionnaire that you can fill out and email back to us.


2. Explore

We want to get inside your head and understand what you want. Show us your wish lists, sample plans, and pictures – you can even bring your tablet or laptop! We will make suggestions and takes notes as we discover your needs and desires.


3. Design

After we research all the necessary zoning and bylaws in your area, we will send you a Site Assessment and let you know exactly what you can build on your site. You will receive a unique preliminary design that includes basic floor plans based on what we have discovered in our previous meeting.


4. Modify

You will no doubt have some changes. Mark up your preliminary design and bring it back to us. We will modify the plans, working together with you in person, over phone, or email until you are happy with the refined product. Next, we will present you with the two-dimensional elevations which shows what the building looks like from the outside. If you want to see what the house looks like in 3-D, we can do that, too!


5. Draw

Once you give us the okay, we proceed with the permit and/or construction drawings. These include drawing details, cross sections, and putting all the necessary information on the plans.


6. Review and Pick-Up

After your plans are done, we check over them – twice, just to be sure. Then, your plans are ready! Come by our office to pick up the final product.

"My building company, Piso Homes, has worked with Plans By Design for 10 years. We have always been more than satisfied with the quality of their work and integrity. I know you will find them to be qualified, knowledgeable, and creative in their designs."

Alex Piso, Piso Homes

"My husband and I hired Richard Gessaroli from Plans By Design to design a new house for us in Langley in February 2017. He provided efficient, high quality service and responded well to our requests. He showed great attention to detail, and was very familiar with the BC Building Code and the technical aspects of designing. When we wanted to rework some aspects of our plan, he was always available and had many helpful suggestions. We strongly recommend Plans By Design to others and hope we will have a chance to work with him again on future projects."

Sharon Cullinane

"Rick is an experienced home-builder and plans designer. His years building homes have given him insights into the finer details of how we choose to live in our homes, which has informed his designs to an even greater degree. His sharp eye for detail and thoroughly sensible approach to design makes him a great person to have working with you as you design your dream home. We heartily recommend Rick’s services to those who want to explore the possibilities for their new home design."

Ron & Denise Roller


We designs homes for the Lower Mainland B.C.



We designs homes for the Lower Mainland B.C.


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